Cider Brewing Class - Pt 1

Cider Brewing Class - Pt 1


Make your own batch of cider with us! Debi Van Pelt will be instructing us on the fine art of making cider. Space is limited, no more than 10 people! There will be room to start up to 5 batches of cider. Brewing kits will be available for purchase or loan for $20.

Ingredients to bring:
14 cans of frozen *unpasteurized* apple juice
5 # apples or fruit of choice *no citrus*
4# cane sugar *no artificial sweeteners*

Please RSVP by March 8!

Direct all specific questions to Debi Van Pelt 314.799.0961.

Pot luck dinner after the class has finished, please bring a dish to share.

Brewing class part 2 will be held on April 5th
Brewing class part 3 will be held on May 16th or 17th

Bring a notebook!

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