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1 month 2 weeks ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gateway Steampunk Society, LLC is now 1 year old, and what a year!

Many things have been going on behind the scenes, so without further ado....

Our Board of Directors
David Rose - President
J Eric Stout - Vice President
Yingxi Yang - Treasurer
Sabrina Robinson Pullen & Krista Rae Carver - Secretaries
Angela Commean - Events Coordinator
David Deaton - All Around Cool Guy

We would also like to give a shout out to John Jay-Mitchell for coordinating our Airship building project.

All of us have enjoyed providing fun adventures for our members and as with all things, we had some expenses. The cost to build our Airship came to $1,611 and it cost $475 for the truck and $70 for gas to transport it to Hannibal for Big River

We also rented the annual picnic pavilion for $70, and from the pictures it looks like everyone had a great time. And finally, the holiday party appetizers to tempt your taste buds.

We did take in a few dollars to help with those costs though. Our raffle at Big River brought in $268 and we had a donation of $30, so we were able to deposit $128 in our bank account

Our members enjoyed 18+ exciting events with us throughout the year in addition to the 12 monthly Steampunk Soiree's at Steampunk Brew works

Many good times were had at:

The Vintage Road Trip
2 Leather Top Hat Classes
Central Missouri Ren Faire
Flotilla on the Meramec
Campbell House tour with Doc Phineas
Meramec Caverns tour with Doc Phineas
Butterfly House with Doc Phineas
Big River Steampunk Festival
Annual Picnic in the Park
Mississippi Earth Tones Excursion
Downton Abbey Movie
Witches Night Out – Lebanon, IL
Current Wars Movie - 2 nights
Garden Glow - Holiday Lights
St Charles Christmas Traditions
Annual Holiday Party

and many more...

We hope that you have enjoyed 2019 with Gateway Steampunk Society, LLC and are looking forward to many more excursions.

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